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Who we are

A division of Weldfast UK, Cebora UK has always been dedicated to providing you with innovative machines, designed to make welding & cutting applications as safe and effortless as possible, and our latest range of machines is no exception. The introduction of the new Cebora MIG, TIG, MMA and Plasma Cutters offer a look into the future of welding and cutting machines; by combining 21st Century technology and knowledge, Cebora UK provide a new vision, where phenomenal performance and unrivalled functionality are standard.

Explore these exceptional New Inverter power sources and discover why it’s:

– A New Beginning
– A New Era
– A New Vision For All.

A New Vision For All

Weldfast MWA

Brands you know and trust. The UK’s leading wholesaler and manufacturer. Offering not only big name brands in the industry, but we can also offer our own range of UK manufactured products such as Weldgas, Cros Arc and MWA electrodes


MWA have been manufacturing top quality electrodes since 1974. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, the technical support we offer, and the friendliness of our staff.

Cebora UK

From the famous Pocket Pulse MIG to the brand new range of Plasma Cutters. With new technology constantly available, whether it be OLCD touch screens or drag cut, why not choose Cebora UK?